Ministry Update

Hi friends,

I am catching my breath after a marathon of a spring. Here’s what’s happened:

We have wrapped up for the year at The Redeemer’s School. Over the spring I met with nine young people and enjoyed building trust, playing, and processing frustrations with them. The staff and I are already preparing for the fall, which should bring some exciting changes in the classrooms, as well as some new services for the students.

I am continuing work at Midtown Partners through the summer. We currently have about eleven clients there, who we are meeting with in groups and individually. These clients are a joy to work with, and they continually astound me with their endurance. I am also preparing to give an in-service training to some of the staff with Midtown Partners, with the goal of equipping them with conversational and relational strategies for encouraging their clients to feel empowered, take ownership of their choices, and move towards healthy, if difficult, goals.

I have also been assisting two interns as they serve through The Net. My goal is to provide support as they serve others and as they have to cope with the often tragic journeys their clients have been through. I am also working on logistical needs.

I am encouraged by what I have witnessed God doing this spring, but I am also exhausted and grieved by some recent personal and public events. Please pray:

  • For Jackson’s hearts and safety. We have been rocked by a number of horrific murders in the last four weeks, which have affected everyone I know here, including my clients and me. Many of our communities experience a high rate of violence (which I have written about before), but these last few losses have been particularly gruesome, shocking, and frightening.
  • For our family. My dad’s mom has not been well for most of her life, but recently caring for her has become a minefield of bad options. Her distress is weighing on our whole family. David and I are exhausted. We were thrilled to see family on our recent vacation, but we also discovered just how different “vacation” with a baby is — and now we are back to work.
  • For my clients. There are so many needs I cannot speak for them, but the Holy Spirit knows. Please pray for them.
  • For our interns (and me). Please pray for our protection and endurance in difficult work.
  • For our fundraising. Since I have fewer meetings during the summer, I will be doing more fundraising work. God is faithful and has provided. And, I also still need to raise around (estimating here) $500 a month for my work to be sustained long-term.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support. Without you, there are many Jacksonians who would be missing significant encouragement in their journeys.

From Jackson, with love,



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