Ministry Update: March

Dear Friend,

I have met with over 20 clients in February and March,

for a total of over 50 sessions! I am on track to provide even more sessions this coming month, as well as some support to our community partners. We could not have done this with out God’s provision through your support and prayers. Thank you so much, because of your help we are able to meet with adults and children seeking change in their own lives and for the city of Jackson.

Thanks to you, I am 55% funded! Half a salary is uncomfortable at times, but God faithfully provides for us. Every gift is such a massive encouragement; confirmation that this work is in His will.

Please continue to pray for: 

Fundraising: I am working towards being fully funded by the summer. We have a few churches who are considering supporting us financially, if you would prayer for them that they would be wise stewards and that God would provide from another source if not through them.

My clients: I am currently seeing around 22 individuals (the number fluctuates week-to-week). I have been encouraged by the work we have been doing together, but many are facing heart-rending challenges and need holistic support, not just a single meeting with me a week. Please pray for provision. Please also pray for their spiritual growth and faith in Christ.

Awareness and softness of heart in Jackson: many needs go unmet in this city. Part of my support raising includes developing referral resources and seeking volunteers to join us

For our plans for expansion: please specifically ask God for the partnership we have been building with the court system to grow and allow us to offer services to more people.

For our family, as we are increasingly busy. It is my responsibility to maintain healthy margins, in order to stay healthy and serve well at home, in our church, and in my ministry. I am wrestling with where to draw those lines right now (thank God for many opportunities to serve!) Please pray for wisdom, and that Dave and I would have grace with each other as we are sometimes very tired.

If you would like to learn more about my clients: 
A friend recently suggested that, since I could not share specific stories about my clients for confidentiality’s sake, I might refer people to other stories that capture the same challenges my clients face and the strength and endurance they possess. As a warning, I can’t fulfill that purpose without recommending shows or books that contain terrible things, but if you are interested in learning I would recommend watching a few episodes of HBO’s series “The Wire”, watching the movies Precious, Down in The Delta, or Mississippi Damned, or reading one of these books: There Are No Children Here, Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse, The Body Keeps The Score, or the novel Salvage The Bones.


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