Welcome to From Jackson With Love, the blog of Erin White, therapist at The Net Counseling Center.



I work with The Net Counseling Center providing counseling services to individuals and families living in poverty, who may not otherwise have access to counseling or mentoring services.

Currently I am raising funds to support work in (primarily) two settings. I am working with adults at Midtown Partners in Jackson’s Midtown neighborhood, both in group and individual settings. Midtown Partners runs many innovative community-development programs, including G.E.D. prep and job readiness services to Jacksonians. I have the privilege of providing one of the support services available to participants. I am also working with students and families at The Redeemer’s School. The Redeemer’s School strives to provide excellent and financially accessible education, to build up children for Christian leadership and service in Jackson and around the world.

My work starts by addressing the health needs of the clients who request support, which may include depression,  difficulty controlling impulses, addiction, coping with the stressors of poverty, or recovering from grief and trauma. The end goal of The Net’s ministry is to share the love of Christ.

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